Acupuncture vs. Botox

The drug Botox, created from botulism toxin, has become a popular treatment for wrinkles. It works by paralyzing muscles under the skin, thus smoothing the facial wrinkles. The medication is also used for patients experiencing severe muscle spasms, such as with cerebral palsy or torticollis. However, in rare cases, the toxin can spread in the body from the site of injection, causing paralysis in other body parts. Dozens of negative reactions have been reported, including individuals who have died when the toxin paralyzed their lungs and prevented breathing. People should be aware that these risks are present when deciding on a medical approach to cosmetic concerns.

There are facial acupuncture points which are used to tighten the muscles under the skin, decreasing wrinkles. An acupuncturist trained in cosmetic techniques can provide this treatment and give the patient acupressure points to stimulate manually at home as a follow-up program. Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, this can be quite effective in combating wrinkles.

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