Neck and Back Pain

There are as many causes and types on neck and back pain as there are necks and backs. Often, by the time patients find my clinic, they have tried every approach they could think of, including medications, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, etc. Frequently, I am told that all these treatments helped a little, but none completely resolved the problem. There seems to be a missing piece to the puzzle. Usually, the missing piece is the balance of the energetic flows. Treating only the structural manifestation while ignoring the underlying cause or contributing factors is a band-aid approach which will not bring lasting results. If there are internal or energetic imbalances contributing to the pain and tightness, they must be addressed in order for healing to take place. I address these patients’ problems in a holistic (whole body) manner. After a thorough interview and examination encompassing both eastern and western perspectives, I combine both the acupuncture and the physical therapy/manual therapy techniques indicated to resolve all facets of the problem. This comprehensive care resolves all aspects of the pain and tightness, allowing the body to balance itself on all levels and maintain a pain-free, normally functioning spine. . I then teach the patient appropriate exercises and care of his spine to allow him to maintain his pain-free state without continued clinic visits.

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