Physical Therapy in Denver

The physical body is composed of many highly complex, interdependent systems, any of which can be damaged by injury, overuse, or illness. Just as the body’s qi must be balanced for optimal health, so must the physical systems. As a physical therapist, I use a wide range of noninvasive interventions to reduce pain and restore optimal function in individuals dealing with injury, disability, or disease. To this end, I employ a variety of tools and modalities, the most common being heat and cold, water, electrical stimulation, and exercise, as well as massage, joint mobilization, and other forms of manual therapy. These treatments are most commonly directed at rebalancing the neurological and musculoskeletal systems, which then in turn affect every aspect of the patient’s health and functional status.

More important than the tools I use is the unique understanding that I have of the interrelationships between the various systems in the body and the specialized training I have received in how to not only return the physical body to a balanced state, but also to prevent disability from occurring and to educate the patient in preventative measures.

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