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  1. My 5 year old daughter (now 8) was suffering from digestive problems, and no one could offer us any answers, help or cure for her. When I took her to see Karen, she was honest, helpful, the only person able to cure her. Since our first visit, Karen has also helped us avoid viruses and strep throat. My daughter enjoys going to see Karen who has become a treasured friend.

  2. I am an acupuncturist in Denver, and I have been referring patients to Karen, “the miracle worker,” for her brilliant blend of physical therapy and acupuncture for eight years. My patients rave about how Karen has “fixed them” when no one else could. I believe in Karen’s expertise and trust in her caring nature. In fact, she has helped me heal countless times over the years; not only do I refer others to Karen, but I am her patient as well. She’s the first person I think of when I am in need of healing!

  3. I am a letter carrier for the US Postal Service and walk 8 miles a day. I was reffered to Karen by my accupuncturist when I asked about pain relief for plantar fascitus, I had cortizone shots and orthodics but the combination of accupuncture and physical therapy that Karen used is the only treatment that has worked to get rid of my pain and make walking enjoyable again. Thank you Karen.

  4. I was referred to Karen when I was having fertility issues. I was skeptical, but was desperate for help that I was not getting from doctors. Karen exceeded and continues to exceed my expectations. Not only is she knowledgeable and skilled, but she is also very caring. She treats every aspect of your problems – both the physical and emotional. She takes the time to really listen and help you. I became addicted to her care and continue to see her for everything from viruses to sore muscles to emotional stress. She also treats all FOUR of my beautiful children now. (Obviously, her fertility treatments work!). She saved my oldest from getting tubes in his ears by treating the cause of his ear infections instead of only the symptoms. I really appreciate the way she wants to work with all of our caregivers to reach the goal of getting and keeping us well. She is an exceptional healer and a wonderful person.

  5. I was referred to Karen by a friend of mine a few years back for a hand injury. During that time Karen talked me into letting her do some acupuncture work on me for my back and migranes. I do not like needles. I finally agreed and have been having it done ever since. My migranes have gone away and my back hurts only once in a while and I go see Karen when it does. When I want to become a mother. Karen and I talked and come up with a plan. Once I was pregnant, she took wonderful care of me and the baby. I was diagonsed high risk and with Karen at my side the pregnacy went off without a hitch. My little girl is here because Karen helped me. I even bring Treya to see Karen. She is wonderful and very in the know.

  6. Some time ago I slipped on the ice getting out of a car and pulled muscles in my right hip. Medical doctors offered only muscle relaxing medication. A Chiropractor gave me some relief for short periods but never stopped the pain. After several years of continuing pain they told me they could not offer nothing more.

    I had known Karen for many years and she had told me if I could come to Denver she could help me. I live in Oklahoma and was working full time. Also I wasn’t sure she could help, but finally I sent an email telling her I was ready to try anything if she was still willing to treat me. We set aside two weeks for me to drive to Denver to see family and start treatments. I was so amazed at the relief I felt after the first treatment. It was so much more than the others could give me.

    Two weeks later I was elated to drive back home without any pain and feeling wonderful. She warned me that some soreness could follow all the treatments in this brief period and to find local help. I tried a couple people, but they could not really help in thier style of treatments. So I returned a few months later for another week and from them until now I am free of any pain.

    I can not express the joy of being pain free after so many years of pain. Why did I or anyone wait so long? I highly recommend Karen to one and all. She is a highly skilled physical therapist and acupuncturist with a caring heart desiring to serve others.

  7. This summer I was playing tennis and injured my back. I was carried off the court by 4 male players who helped me into my tennis partner’s car. I was immediately driven over to Karen’s clinic , I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk. After the treatment I received, I was able to walk to the car. I went back for another treatment a day later. Four days after the injury, thanks to Karen , my partner and I pulled off a great tournament match!

  8. I am currently visiting in Denver. My family has used Karen’s services for the last couple years for a number of issues so they recommended her to me. I have degenerative disc disease and arthritis which causes a great deal of discomfort in my neck and upper back. I had never tried acupuncture previously due to fear of needles. After one visit, I felt like a new woman! Karen based her treatment on her years of experience as a physical therapist along with acupuncture. By the way, the acupuncture needles are painless!
    Because Karen will not move to Wisconsin so I can continue to see her, I plan to see her each time I fly in to visit my family.

  9. If you truly want to have excellent professional treatment, both PT and acupuncture, you can’t miss with Karen at Golden Leaf. I go to her rather than the PTs and Acupuncturists on my health plan because she is the BEST. I’ve been to Karen for a number of injury and other physical problems over the past few years. I always get relief from pain and an improvement in my overall wellbeing. She gives 110% for the money you spend.

  10. Simone Caruthers

    This woman is extraordinary. On a scale of 1-10 of all the PT’s I have ever been to I would give her at least a 20. In other words, she is off the charts. She is professional, knowledgeable, present, gentle, and extremely effective. I am so glad I found her. She is a wonderful practitioner of both PT and accupuncturet.

  11. My daughter lives in Denver,and when I visited with a sore neck, she tried to talk me into seeing Karen. When I caught a virus, I was miserable, so I finally, reluctantly, agreed to see this “miracle worker”. When I got off her table, I realized that my daughter was, indeed, a wise woman. I felt great!! Not only did my neck feel wonderful for the first in years, the virus was GONE! I HATE needles, but am now a believer in acupuncture. Karen’s skill in both acupuncture and physical therapy is surpassed only by her gentle and patient approach towards fearful clients! I will be visiting her whenever I return to town, and may actually visit more often, just to see her (don’t tell my daughter!). If you are having any kind of health problem, you really owe it to yourself to call this lady- she is fantastic!

  12. Karen is the very best acupuncturist, she offers both the acupuncture and physical therapy. She is always very accommodating to fit me in.
    I have been treated for many issues, and have been see by Karen for about 7 years. Karen has me feeling better immeditely, yes I agree she is a miracle worker, and a true healer. I love her animals, and she is a very special person, such a blessing finding her. Life is better when you feel good. Thank You Karen. Cathy Pino

  13. Britney Marchan

    Where to even begin, I could go on and on and I only began seeing Karen a month ago. Already I know she is truly a miracle worker; I am constantly so thankful I have found her!! She genuinely cares about helping her clients heal and get better. If I have a sudden strain or issue and am in pain (I have a few ailments; tendonitis, slipped ribs, scoliosis) she always works to fit me in as soon as possible. Her expertise and appropriate blend of PT, massage, acupuncture, and cupping (among other things!) is so unique and always leaves me feeling immensely better, physically and mentally. Finding Karen has lifted some very heavy stress due to her sincere concern and compassion, and the relief I feel after each of our sessions. Thank you, Karen! You are a blessing!

  14. I have seen Karen for 6 months and I will never go to another Physical Therapist! She has treated me for various issues such as planter fasciitis, tennis elbow and also back pain. I rarely go on and do reviews, but I would actually feel guilty not doing one for her as she is the BEST and truly knows what she is doing and also very passionate about it.
    She has also treated and helped my 14 year with his aches and pains. She is a true professional, very knowledgeable, honest, sincere and passionate about her work. But the bottom line is, she can heal you! I’ve been to large physical therapy offices and I was still having problems after going for years. It is so exciting knowing if I have a problem, I can get it healed. And on top of that, she is very reasonably priced. It is just refreshing and exciting to find such a professional, kind, gentle, honest, compassionate, funny HEALER! I adore Karen and could not possible give her a BETTER/HIGHER recommendation.

  15. I moved away from Karen’s area so I wasn’t able to go and see her for some recent problems. I went to another acupuncturist with a big disappointment.

    I must say Karen’s methods are above and beyond some others. I wish I lived 1500 miles closer to have her treatments. She not only made me feel better with my neck injury. She helped my system rebalance.

    Her clinic is very clean, professional, and she is recommended by Western Doctor’s. She is so good, the Doctors wife has visited Karen for treatments.

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