What to expect

Health care does not need to be confusing, cost-prohibitive, frightening, or painful. At Golden Leaf Health Services, you are in charge. My role is to accurately diagnose your medical problem(s) and offer solutions. This is done through a comprehensive examination from both eastern and western perspectives. I organize the results to create an accurate and comprehensive holistic diagnosis, which is explained in layman’s terms. Only then are treatment options discussed. After you decide which type(s) of care you are comfortable receiving, I provide them. It truly is as simple as that! Patients at this clinic are never intimidated into receiving care they are not comfortable with. Frequently, it is the combination of both eastern and western techniques that provides the best results, but in some cases, one form or the other is simply not the most efficacious means of resolving the issue, and only one approach is indicated. At Golden Leaf Health Services, you will receive only what you want and need.

Many Americans have never received acupuncture, and are, quite naturally anxious regarding the use of multiple needles. This is due to the fact that the only needles they have experienced have been on injection syringes. These western medical needles are painful because they must be large and hollow for the medication to pass through them. In distinction, acupuncture needles are solid, and thus can be much smaller, only slightly thicker than a human hair. In fact, 10 to 12 acupuncture needles can easily fit inside of the smallest injection needle on the market! The use of these needles causes little or no discomfort.

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