Prevention of Illness

Americans are at last discovering that it is much more comfortable as well as cost-effective to take moderate steps towards remaining healthy than it is to deal with health issues after they arise. Imbalances in the various systems of the body develop long before illness or dysfunction appears. Proper holistic (whole body) attention on a regular basis can recognize and resolve these imbalances to prevent illness and disease from ever occurring. Appropriate health care, as opposed to sick care (provided after the patient is already injured or ill) can increase energy, strengthen immunity, and prevent pain and disability. Many clients choose to continue to receive acupuncture on a less frequent basis after the initial problem is resolved. They find that receiving treatments once or twice a month keeps them feeling better and prevents the colds and influenzas that others suffer throughout the year. Many also choose to eat the proper foods and take nutritional supplements on a regular basis to maintain the vitality of their immune system. At Golden Leaf Health Services, you will receive personalized advice customized to best address your individual needs.

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