A new study out has found that 25% of people taking antidepressants were misdiagnosed and would recover without medical help. The study tracked 8,000 cases in America and found that one in four “depressed” patients were suffering a normal response to an emotional trauma, such as the loss of a loved one or a job. Unlike those who are truly clinically depressed, these people will naturally return to a normal emotional balance within a short time. However, when these people were seen by a physician, they also received a prescription for antidepressants. Americans are starting to think that any negative emotion is unnatural and that they should take medication for it. However, when we dull the pain with chemicals, not only does the patient have to deal with the side-effects of the pills, but we make it less likely for him to deal with the issues and make positive changes in his life.

Acupuncture is very often used to successfully balance the emotions without the after-effects of the medications. While just as successful, this approach allows the patient to remain clear-headed and alert, able to see the basis of his problems and deal with them.

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