Sports injuries

There are two objectives when treating this (or any other) type of injury: decrease pain and inflammation of the injured area, and prevent further injuries. The proper use of acupuncture and physical therapy modalities can aid in healing the injury by increasing the local microcirculation and attracting white blood cells to the area. This will speed the healing rate and aid in the resolution of bruising and swelling, thus decreasing the local pain. In addition, these treatments restore internal physiological balance and structural harmony, strengthening the body’s function. Regular treatments can identify imbalances prior to the athlete experiencing any negative effects on his or her performance. A skilled physical therapist will also analyze any problems in athletic technique and provide appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises to enhance the future athletic performance.

Top athletes and professional sports teams have long employed PT’s to keep them in top performance shape. It has recently become much more common for them to also have an acupuncturist on staff to help treat injuries and keep them performing at their peak. At Golden Leaf, you can receive both services in one treatment session, not only saving time and money, but receiving the best possible care from a specialist who understands both disciplines and integrates them for the most effective approach to resolving your injury and returning you to your sport as quickly as possible. So call Golden Leaf and get back in the game!

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